Since 2012, Canadian based music video blog, FRINGE MUSIC FIX, has focused its sights on keeping the essence of late-night alternative music video programming alive. 

We currently feature 3 playlists featuring hundreds of the best Alternative Pop, Electropop, Art Pop, and Indie Rock music videos from international emerging & established artists.  With programming presented and curated in a style reminiscent of MTV’s ‘120 Minutes/Subterranean’ and Much Music’s ‘The Wedge’ and a carefully curated set of brand new music videos updated weeknights between 6pm and 11pm EST,
FRINGE MUSIC FIX strives to present the best free throwback music video experience available today. 

While we do accept music video submissions, our format is quite different from other music blogs.  We do not publish any long form content (interviews, reviews, bios, editorials, commentary, news or gossip).  Requests for this type of content will be respectfully disregarded. 

Before sending your music video to us please make note of the following criteria; 


• We do not accept submissions via email or social media messaging.  

• We only consider official/proper music videos. No lyric, visualizers, live, or fan videos.

• We only consider submissions for our main channel, FRINGE MUSIC FIX TV's 'VIDEOFLOW', which by design, focuses on music videos released during the current year.  

• We do not feature music video premieres.  

• We ask that submissions feature content streaming on YouTube.

• While we are open to any music genre, we tend to prefer Alternative Pop, Electropop, Art Pop, Dream Pop, and Indie Rock.  

• Our favourite artists explore music by deconstructing and challenging what defines the pop of the past, present, and the future. 

• Abstract, colourful, creative, controversial, absurd, provocative, stylish, surreal, and dark music videos tend to fit nicely into our curation.


Interested in submitting your music video to FRINGE MUSIC FIX and potentially have it featured on FRINGE MUSIC FIX TV's "VIDEOFLOW"?

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