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Since 2012, Canadian based music video showcase, FRINGE MUSIC FIX, has focused its sights on keeping the essence of televised late-night alternative music video programming alive. 

With a presentation style reminiscent of
MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’, Much Music’s ‘The Wedge’, and carefully selected brand new music videos updated weeknights, FRINGE MUSIC FIX strives to present the best commercial free curated music video experience available anywhere today.

Music genres you can expect to find amongst our selections include but are not limited to
art pop, dance pop, electropop, vaporwave, escape room, indie pop, synthwave, dream pop, indie rock, chillwave, electronica, experimental pop, indietronica, hyperpop, alternative r&b, post-punk, dream pop, alt z, deconstructed club, bubblegrunge, trip hop, shoegaze, etc. 


FRINGE MUSIC FIX is proud to operate without ads or any revenue stream and are motivated solely by our passion for music videos and new artist discovery. Please consider supporting artists you discover through our curation by purchasing their music, merch, and concert tickets directly from their official websites or from Bandcamp

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