Apr 24 2020: This Week's New Music Video Listing

Apr 24 2020: This Week's New Music Video Listing


Skott "Talk About Me" (Dirs. Paras IV & Skott)

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/3eP6yx1

Space Case "Really Wanna"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2KtDAF0

The Know "Someday Maybe" (Dir. Jennifer Farmer)

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/3ayQqMH

James Blake "You're Too Precious"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/351eFCg

Raine "Provoke"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/3aB4xBl

GOLAN "Anima"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/3aEtYlo

PVRIS "Gimme A Minue"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2zmte7w

Jessie Reyez "Same Side" (Dir. Peter Huang)

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2Kwk3Ur

NASTY CHERRY "Shoulda Known Better"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/3aCVCzp

DESIRE "Black Latex" (Dir. Johnny Jewel)

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2yMppYX

Victoria+Jean "Away" (Dir. Philipe Stage)

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2x6D0Kp

Lennon Stella "Older Than I Am"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2VyHT8s

Woodkid "Goliath" (Dir. Yoann Lemoine)

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/3aArHYs

Anna Straker "Sweat" (Dir. Jordan Rossi)

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/3eOxJIq

Kiesza "Storm"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/352Gie8

Jónsi "Exhale" (Dir. Jonsi & Giovanni Ribisi)

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/3cKUZ8b

Magdalena Bay "Stop And Go (Collab Lyric Vid)"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2Y0gQo9

Dream Wife "Hasta La Vista"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/35eGhUJ

Eerie Wanda "2020"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/3bCemAl

Lexie Liu "Hide And Seek"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2zwN68l

Lou Canon "Next To You" (Dir. Yael Staav)

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/3aAthK1

Blue Hawaii "Trust"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2Y0hDFD

Mecha Maiko "Phones" (Dir. Adam T. Burke)

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2VTTsGk

Jack Garratt "Better"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2VEJYzT

VARSITY "Reason To Run"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/35eH3kB

Death Hags "Keep Calling"

▶️Stream Now: https://bit.ly/2xbHShq


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