Apr 4 2020: This Week's New Videos

Updated: May 9, 2020

Apr 4 2020: This Week's New Videos


Orville Peck"Summertime"

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/3dW1lTO

SoKo"Are You A Magician?" (Dir. Gia Coppola)

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/348gYTs

Kllo"Still Here" (Dir. Matt Sav)

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/39JURnu

Owl Eyes"Tokyo) (Dir. Daniel Lazoff)

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/2wSKPDu

DYLYN"Something To Lose"

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/2V5h7D2

Chappell Roan"Pink Pony Club" (Dir. Griffin Stoddard)

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/34lgda1

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down"Phenom"

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/3bPEPtL

Mavi Phoenix"Choose Your Fighter" (Dir. Valentin Hansen)

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/2x4uStH

All The Damn Vampires"Saturday"

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/3bOoLIO

DOOLIE"Only For A Night"

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/2R9jCDp

Jess Williamson"Infinite Scroll" (Dir. Jim Larson)

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/2R7WSmX

Moses Sumney"Cut Me" (Dir. Moses Sumney)

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/2R8XLf8

Yaeji"What We Drew" (Dir. DQM)

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/2RdqAHv

Cindy Lee "I Don't Want To Fall In Love Again"

▶️Stream Now:https://bit.ly/2V2tlMU


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