August 1 2020: This Week's New Music Video Listing

August 1st 2020: This Week's New Music Video Listing Videos added this week: 44 🔹 🌙 MishCatt "Goofy" (Dir. Carla Dauden) ▶️ Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 somegirlnamedanna "Seriously Just Stop" ▶️ Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Bahari "Waking Up The Neighbors" ▶️ Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Miquela "Hard Feelings" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Sody "is your bedroom ceiling bored? (Feat. Cavetown)" (Dir. Samuel Douek) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Izzy Bizu "Tough Pill" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Glass Animals "It's All So Incredibly Loud" (Dir. David Wilson) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Jadu Heart "Burning Hour" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Dominic Fike "Cancel Me" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Cailin Russo "Santa Fe" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Bloody White "Tongue Tied" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Anthony da Costa "Slow Motion Panic" (Dir. Jacqueline Justice) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Billie Eilish "My Future" (Dir. Andrew Onorato) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 BENEE "Night Garden" (Feat. Kenny Beats, Bakar) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Oklou "Unearth Me" (Dir. Kevin Elamrani-Lince) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Oliver Malcolm "The Machine" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Hazel English "Wake UP!" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Thalassa "Love Dove" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Sierra Bohnet "Machine" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 The Desert Line "Shelter In Space" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Zoey Lily "The End" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Aardvark Aquarium "Reflections (Feat. Helen Casey)" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Alexia Avina "Fit Into" (Dir. Dan Criblez) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Phoebe Bridgers "I Know The End" (Dir. Alissa Torvinen) (Pictured) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Black Honey "Beaches" (Dir. Izzy B Philips) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Breathe. "Grace" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Flying Lotus "Remind U" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Madeon "Miracle (Dir. Lena Headey) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 The booyah kids "Don't Trust Me" (Dir. Paloma Gonzales) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Temptress "Baby Blue" (Dir. Plastic Fruit Studios) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Tei Shi "Die 4 Ur Love" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Dava "ASOS" (Dir. Jordan Wozy) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Lisel "Night and Day" (Dir. Lisel) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Angel Olsen "Whole New Mess" (Dir. Ashley Connor) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Jess Locke "Fool" (Dir. Nick Manuell) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Perfume Genius "Without You" (Dir. Liz Lian) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Austra "I Am Not Waiting" (Dir. Sheida Arbabian) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 NUUXS "SPF" ▶️Stream it Now: 🔹 🌙 SOAK "I'm Alive (Feat. Gemma Doherty)" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Emily Burns "I Love You, You're The Worst" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Cryogeyser "Angry" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Riotron "I'm Sorry" ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Stephen "Delilah" (Dir. Mason Thorne) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 Scott Helman "Papa" (Dir. Ben Knechtel) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 🌙 AISTÈ "Mojo" (Dir. AISTÈ) ▶️Stream It Now: 🔹 📺 Streaming now on FRINGE MUSIC FIX TV or

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