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  • Adam

Nov 9 2019: This Week's New Videos

- French 79 "Code Zero" (Dir. Vincent Desrousseaux) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2CugxWG - Pomme "Anxiété" (Dir. Hugo Pillard) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/33zjT6B - ANGELE "Oui Ou Non" (Dir. Brice VDH) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2Q0s9bN - Rosalía "A Palé" (Dir. Jora Frantzis) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2Nu9XWm - Skott "Midas" (Dirs. SKOTT & Paras IV) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/33zeSuG - The Naked And Famous "Sunseeker" (Dir. Taylor Fauntleroy) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2Qdb2E3 - Au/Ra "Ghost (Feat. Alan Walker)" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2X4u1BV - Tennis (band) "Runner" (Dir. Luca Venter) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2Q1TnyQ - Cub Sport "I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life (Feat. Darren Hayes) (Dir. Ribal Hosn) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2NWWYeN - Easy Life "Sangria (Feat. Arlo Parks)" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2NUxcYO - iskwē "Night Danger" (Dir. Elena Vazintaris) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2Css9JV - Abi Ocia "Offering" (Dir. Chas Appeti) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2X32RLU - Stella Donnelly "Season's Greetings" (Dir. Nick Mckk) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/34ReLLz - Hazel English "Shaking" (dir. Erin S Murray) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2NwwHFd


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