Oct 18 2019: This Week's New Videos

- Kim Petras "Icy" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2VW7NBm - TRANSVIOLET "Money Money" (Dir. Kyle Vorbach) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2MRMvRz - Joji & Jackson Wang "Walking (Feat. Swae Lee & Major Lazer)" (Dir. Eoin Glaister) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/33M8AYi - Sudan Archives "Glorious" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2VShqBi - Kingsbury "Breaking Apart" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2VZ6wtp - Kilo Kish "Bite Me" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2MX1PvZ - Two Feet "You?" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2pBSjGY - JFDR "Taking A Part Of Me" (Dir. Emily Avila) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2pyC6Ca - Rainsford "Open Open" (Dir. Kristen Jan Wong) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2BpWhox - Julia Jacklin "Don't Know How To Keep From Loving You" (Dir. Julia Jacklin) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/33K2isg - Vagabon "Every Woman" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/35Wybjs - Common Holly "Crazy Ok" (Dirs. Max Taeuschel & Aaliyeh Afshar) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/31tt1rN -

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