Oct 25 2019: This Week's New Videos

- Banoffee "Tennis Fan (Empress Of)" (Dir. Quinn Wilson) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2NhEVzX - SASSY 009 "Maybe In The Summer" (Dir. Kenneth Karlstad) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2Plej3m - Låpsley "My Love Was Like The Rain" (Dir. Camille Summers-Valli) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/346babM - Tei Shi "Alone In The Universe" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2Plemw4 - Anna Meredith "Inhale Exhale" (Dir. Simon Owens) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/36aOA3Y - Gabrielle Aplin "Like You Say You Do" (Dir. Joshua Fletcher) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/35ZMgwm - Ayelle "Unpredictable" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2N9kDII - Cailin Russo "Declaration" ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2pgUX4R - Zuzu "What You Want" (Dir. Luke Bather) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/31GJitq - EDEN "Projector" (Dir. Zhang + Knight) ▶️Stream now: https://bit.ly/2okMCNh -

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