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Updated: May 29, 2022

FRINGE MUSIC FIX TV ventures to the furthest reaches of the alternative pop multi-verse in search of the most intriguing and imaginative multi-sensory musical accompaniments released weekly. We are thrilled to present to you our selections for the five best music videos released the week of May 15th to May 21st, 2022.

Witch Fever "Congregration" (Dir. Laurence Warder, Sam O'Leary)

Genre/Gender-defying Manchester-based Alt-Rockers, Witch Fever, have unleashed the first music video set to promote their debut full-length of the same name, which will be appropriately released just in time for Halloween (literally the best day of the year), on October 21st via Music For Nations. Idiosyncratic vocalist, Amy Walpole, had this to say about Congregation: "This is Alisha's (Yarwood, guitarist) personal fave! It marks a new step in our development as songwriters as it’s something different from what we’ve done before. We allowed ourselves to experiment with space and dynamics and we love it!”. With styling by Matt King (Blessed Be Thy, Ashnikko, Brooke Candy) and direction by regular Witch Fever Collaborators, Laurence Warder and Sam O'Leary (Bully Boy, Good Intentions, Reincarnate, In Birth) the music video is a veritable assault on the senses that explores Walpole's experiences growing up Christian, and the themes of control, abuse, and patriarchal violence that might be associated with that manner of upbringing. Amy had the following to add in promoting their forthcoming record "(Congregation is) a step above what we’ve done before as we had a chance to experiment with sound and structure. It was our first opportunity to explore writing a body of work which was challenging but has been so rewarding! It pushed our creative process because we also had to think about the songs sitting side by side on an album! We tried to break out of what makes a typical Witch Fever song whilst still being true to what makes our sound what it is.” If all this doesn't get you hyped for Congregation, nothing will. Witch Fever will be opening for My Chemical Romance this week.

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BLOND "Mein Boy"

German act, BLOND, formed as friends as children in their home of Chemnitz, and eventually as a band in 2011. With a concept from vocalist, Nina Kummer, and support from Moritz Schinn, the unforgettable visual for "mein boy" is impossible to ignore whilst considering this week's best visuals. "mein boy" takes us on an atmospheric and stylish anatomical journey soundtracked by their punchy electro-infused indie rock and where Croc's have never looked so cool. Trust us on this one.

Zola Jesus "The Fall" (Dir. Jenni Hensler)

Zola Jesus will release her latest studio album, Arkhon, on June 24 via Sacred Bones. The latest track released to promote the LP is "The Fall" and is accompanied by an expectedly gloomy visual directed by Jenni Hensler (Garden of Ants, Marissa Nadler). If "The Fall" sees Zola at her most exposed and vulnerable, it's no wonder. The talented singer-songwriter had the following to say on the track: "I wrote The Fall for myself. It was an exercise in using music as a tool for the sake of my own inner catharsis. I had a lot of turmoil and complicated emotions that I couldn’t process in any other way. I suppose some feelings require you to write a pop song in order to fully understand them. For that reason, this song is very precious to me." Rendering the visual even more remarkable, Zola cites her longstanding collaboration with director Jenni Hensler as operating at an emotional and spiritual level which is quite evident here with the striking universe they have worked to create. "The Fall" also sees Zola leaning into dance with incredible choreography from Sigrid Lauren (KINLAW), an experience she described as "empowering".

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Grimes "New Gods" (Dirs. Grimes, Mac Boucher, Neil Hansen)

Despite the forthcoming release of her latest and perhaps, as she has suggested, her final full length, Book 1, which has been likened to "Siamese Dream with a hint of Lemonade", Grimes has opted to release a new visual for an album standout from her last record, Miss Anthropocene (Released February 21, 2020). Seemingly making use once again of a similar set and backdrop to "Delete Forever", the video was created by Grimes, her frequent collaborator and brother, Mac Boucher (Grimes, Nicole Dollanganger, SOFI TUKKER), Neil Hansen, and Spanish artist, Sevi Iko Domochevski. Grimes will also release an EP later this year and prior to Book 1, entitled "Fairies Cum First". New Gods explores many of the themes revealed on Miss Anthropocene including Climate Change, Biological Warfare, our relationship with Social Media and the suggestion that these ideas have replaced the old pagan Gods and concepts. The music video for New Gods is also available as an NFT (whatever that means).

Rapport "Going Nowhere" (Dir Maddy Wilde)

After a slight repose, Toronto-based Dream Pop darlings, Rapport are back with a new music video to promote their forthcoming EP, Floating Through the Wonderwave, set for release on July 8th via Arbutus Records and described as a "darker, more melancholic journey exploring themes of jealousy, neurosis and self-doubt through the balance between artist creation and self-promotion. "Going Nowhere" explores "the internal nuance of imbalanced relationships". Asked about the track, Rapport fronter, Maddie, had this to say: "I'm a self-described chump. Sometimes I'll find myself in a relationship where I'm the lesser-than and the other person calls all the shots. They have the ability to improvise and lead the way with confidence while I struggle to find my own way. Most of the time this is just in my head. I tend to overanalyze their accomplishments and my lack-thereof. It's a lot like Ferris Bueller's sister just watching her brother effortlessly coast through life. The more you analyze the imbalance and measure the comparisons, the more resentful you become. This is the story of one such relationship. Sometimes you gotta chill out, give in, and follow the leader just to see what happens next. Just tagging along in hopes of inheriting some of their clout and momentum along the way." The music video was directed by the band's own, Maddy Wilde. Asked about the music video's conception, Maddy had the following to say: "My favourite place to listen to music has always been the inside of a moving car. This is when my imagination wanders off and I can often picture something in my head to go along with the music. Driving is also when I do some of my best processing and reflection. Thus, the idea for the video started there and aimed to be simple. I decided to show different versions of driving Maddy: regular Maddy, snobby Maddy, reckless Maddy, musician Maddy and touring Maddy. Perhaps to emulate the various states of being I've explored in my head while on the road. It's a slight nod to Alanis Morissette's Ironic video, but with more cars and less knitted sweaters."

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