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FRINGE MUSIC FIX TV ventures to the furthest reaches of the alternative pop multi-verse in search of the most intriguing and imaginative multi-sensory musical accompaniments released weekly. We are thrilled to present to you our selections for the five best music videos released the week of June 12th to June 18th, 2022.


"Video Star"

Floating Through the Wonderwave

Arbutus Records

Director: Adam Pereira

"Whenever I find myself compulsively opening social media apps again and again on my phone, I'll do a delete. Getting rid of these apps has always been the best way to combat the addiction. But then I find myself needing them again to promote a show or a new song etc. And the cycle continues. Video Star toys with the idea of 'turning off', which is easier said than done." - Maddy Wilde
"Working in an industry where you have to sell yourself can make you feel pretty wacky (especially if you're as neurotic as I am). Even if, deep down, you think the thing you made is great, you're still constantly doubting your worth. Meanwhile you have to go out there and say "here's a picture of me and you should listen to the thing I made"!" It can make me feel like I'm riding the line between totally ego-driven self-obsessed behaviour and someone who's outwardly self-deprecating as part of my "shpeel". To me, it's easy to draw a comparison between being an artist and, say, a multi-level marketing self-help guru. You have to convince yourself that you believe in the product even if no one's buying it. The video exists in an alternate reality where I have my s together (but even in an alternate reality I'd still be a totally delusional freak). Director Adam Pereira helped bring out the humor in this ridiculous premise, and made me do a LOT of jogging. The things we do for our art!" - Maddy Wilde

Grace Gaustad


PILLBX: whts ur fantasy?

Director: Van Alpert

"I refuse to conform to societal standards and expectations, so within the walls of my bedroom and studio, I created my own world, my own reality, and my own rules. I invite anyone who has ever felt different for any reason into the magical world known as PILLBX" - Grace Gaustad
"Grace and I share a vocal coach who is deeply meaningful to us both and changed our lives, through him I found her and she found me. So proud of her and feel touched she wrote a song inspired by me. Love her! Check it out! " - Lady Gaga

"True Romance"

Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

"True Romance was a song that I first started writing back in 2015. I got too busy during that time, so the song never came together but I'm grateful that some of my sweet fans wouldn't let it go, because I'm so happy with the final version even though it took some years to come together. This song is about finding your way back to some kind of innocence and not allowing life to make you too jaded. I guess it's about trying to find joy amidst the chaos and that feels very timely." - MØ

Cautious Clay


Deadpan Love

Directors: Haoyan of America, Alex Futtersak

“Puffer is a track deeply personal to me. I found a metaphor that feels akin to our modern world: people often behave like pufferfish, in order to appear less vulnerable. In doing so this of course often has the opposite effect, in becoming more visible. And along the way we might lose track of our authenticity, by becoming larger than life.” - Cautious Clay

Grandma's Ashes

"Spring Harvest"

Copyright Control

Director: Julien Metternich

Spring Harvest is for us a kind of ode to loneliness and its one-night stands to fill it, for a while. We were very keen to convey the almost teenage melancholy you feel when dreaming of love, tortured, alone in bed, abandoning to the ecstasy of the senses to better lose yourself.” - Grandma's Ashes
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