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FRINGE MUSIC FIX TV ventures to the furthest reaches of the alternative pop multi-verse in search of the most intriguing and imaginative multi-sensory musical accompaniments released weekly. We are thrilled to present to you our selections for the five best music videos released the week of June 19th to June 25th, 2022.


"Angry Woman"



Director: Jason Lester

“‘Angry Woman’ is my enough is enough record. There’s always been this sense that as a woman in this world I’ve needed to ‘behave’ and ‘play nice,’ cutting off all this power and confidence that as women we should be demonstrating on a daily basis. ‘Angry Woman,’ in many ways, is about being fed up with abuse of power and that it sometimes takes a little righteous anger to make a change. Especially in today’s climate, I want to see women getting a little angry, because we should be.” - Ashe
"The accompanying video, directed by Jason Lester and produced by Laura Burhenn, was inspired by the Yoko Ono performance work, “Cut Piece,” first unveiled in 1964.

Kate Stephenson

"Sick Of It"

Kate Stephenson and Many Hats Distribution

Director: Marley Rankin


"What I Want" MUNA

Saddest Factory Records

Director: Ally Pankiw

"What ultimately keeps us together is knowing that someone’s going to hear each one of these songs and use it to make a change they need in their life. That people are going to feel a kind of catharsis, even if it’s a catharsis that I might never have known myself because I’m fucked up.” - Josette Maskin


"Hate You"

Unday Records

Director: Cato Kusters

Dev Lemons


Dev Lemons

Director: Jakob Soto-Bauwens

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