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FRINGE MUSIC FIX TV ventures to the furthest reaches of the alternative pop multi-verse in search of the most intriguing and imaginative multi-sensory musical accompaniments released weekly. We are thrilled to present to you our selections for the five best music videos released the week of July 3rd to July 9th, 2022.

Sharon Van Etten


We've Been Going About This All Wrong


Director: Ashley Connor

“When I was writing this song, I wanted to talk about domesticity and intimacy frustrations under the tensions of working at home and seeking connection while being tied to our devices and still trying to reach each other as lovers, parents, humans. Reminding each other that there is still a primal attraction even in the midst of the mundane and repetition of everyday life.” - Sharon Van Etten


"Rag Doll (Feat. K.Flay)"

Island Records

“I watched this song bring friends, family members and strangers together… I watched them hold hands to brace themselves. This song is about being in pain, causing pain, and coming together to let it go. We are all hurting in some way. For my fans, this is free therapy: screaming at the top of your lungs.” - poutyface
“For me, thing song is about loss of control... what it feels like to be tossed around by the world, to be in pain, to witness someone else’s pain. What do we do with that? I think catharsis is so crucial — an outlet, a place to scream. ‘Rag Doll’ feels like that catharsis.” - K.Flay

Willow Kayne

"White City" Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

Directors: Tommy Davis, Willow Kayne

“White City is an interesting place to live, Everyone’s experiences are completely different to one another, like many places in London it seems. Gigantic new buildings appear constantly, old buildings are being destroyed everywhere I look. When I walk down the street here, it is a complete mixture of people. I don’t know any of them and I like it here because they certainly don’t know me. We are simply all out here for ourselves. Since moving to London, a lot of my music revolves around this idea of my inner child’s perspective. Finally I got to bring this idea to the table for White City, bringing out the mini Willow. The video is taking the lyrics in another direction, creating a surreal version of London. We covered the city in weird monsters and gave the buildings eyes in the process. I found Hati on tiktok a while ago and just knew he was the perfect guy to bring that to life for us. I love nothing more than juxtaposition so that’s exactly what we went for with this video; a child’s perspective on a scary scary world. Like my other videos, we always crank up the saturation to add to the child’s perspective. When I was a kid, the world was a lot more colourful… I still chase that in a way. I love working on videos with my friends and Tommy Davis is one of my favourite people to do that with!!” - Willow Kayne

Carla Wehbe

"Is Forever Off The Table?"

Warner Music Australia

Director: Kyle Caufield

"I wrote ‘is forever off the table?’ at a time in my life where I was desperate for anything to hold on to, that might give me a sense of security, comfort or a just feeling that told me I was meant to be here. It’s about the fantasy worlds you create in your head while you cling for dear life to the hope that they could one day be reality. It’s about the deep desire for that forever feeling, whatever it may be. The introduction is the heartbreaking inner monologue, before the abrupt awakening by the verse to the current reality. ‘is forever off the table?’ is for anyone who‘s ever felt like an alien, because even aliens deserve to be loved.” - Carla Wehbe


"Can't Get It To Last"

Floating Through The Wonderwave

Arbutus Records

Dir. Adrienne McLaren

"On the surface, this probably sounds like your average love song. But it’s really about friendships and growing apart. Close friendships take different shapes- for example, friends who do everything together but have never actually been vulnerable with one another. It’s like maintaining a light and fluffy connection that has never really progressed further than a casual relationship. Friendships like this can go on for ages, and they are valuable, but they don’t seem to last as long." - Maddy Wilde
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