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In an attempt to boost our longform content a bit, I've decided to take a shot at producing a new series of articles about the new music videos that FRINGE MUSIC FIX loves most. For this first installment, I'm going to be chatting about the latest music video from Charlotte Cardin. Her single and music video for "Meaningless" aims to promote her forthcoming debut full-length, "Phoenix", set for release in April on Cult Nation/Atlantic (Pre-Order Here). Also promoting this release, Charlotte previously dropped two excellent singles and accompanying music videos for "Passive Aggressive" and "Daddy".

Charlotte Cardin is a Montreal based artist who first found notoriety as a finalist on TVA's "La Voix", a French language version of the popular singing competition, "The Voice". She has received nominations for both the 2018 SOCAN Songwriting Prize as well as the 2019 Prism Prize, a national arts prize awarded to the best Canadian music video of the year. Fans of Charlotte Cardin will agree that her personal and emotive songwriting style and her incredible vocal talents have positioned her as one of Canada's best-kept secrets on the fringes of mainstream success. Charlotte has previously released two EPs entitled "Big Boy (2016)" and "Main Girl (2017)".

"Meaningless" was directed by Toronto based director/photographer, Norman Wong. Norman has previously photographed Drake, Halsey, Majid Jordan and has directed music videos for other Canadian Alternative Pop artists the likes of Lowell and TRUST.

In the hazy and electric music video for "Meaningless", we are first presented with a calm intro backlit by a rising sun that expertly builds tension to erupt in an explosive assault on the senses complete with stylishly choreographed dancing, multi-coloured flashing lights, and all the passion and energy a pop fan could hope for in a visual. Though she is eventually joined by other dancers, Charlotte's performance absolutely demands the spotlight, as she bares her soul for all. Much of the imagery, transitions, and tones employed in the video highlight lyrical passages in the song, such as, "Seen me down, seen me high", "See the sun leading us", and "Hear the drum beating us". Other visual/tonal cues seem to be borrowed from themes explored in the song which include the unknown, sadness, love lost, emptiness, frustration, loss, and pain. All of these sentiments can also be tangibly felt through Charlotte's expressions and punchy and deliberate movements. A vengeance, spite, and relentless can also be sensed through the visual and lyrical excerpts such as "Cause without me your whole life is fucking meaningless." This is not a song about resolving to defeat but rather using what we've learned to surmount the challenges of our past to rise above to become something new.

Charlotte has stated that this is her favourite song she has written, and I think the attitude and energy that powers this performance and music video make that quite evident. When Charlotte sings of a life in her twenties, full of glasses half empty, we feel her desire to not lead a meaningless life in any sense. If this song and visual don't render Charlotte a meaningful and unforgettable musical force for you, that dear friend, is all on you.

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