FRINGE MUSIC FIX is a Canadian-based alternative music video showcase that has kept the spirit of late-night televised music programming alive since 2012. Inspired by iconic series like MTV's “120 Minutes” and Much Music's “The Wedge”, FRINGE MUSIC FIX provides an immersive audiovisual journey that explores the abstract, colourful, creative, controversial, absurd, provocative, stylish, surreal, nostalgic by way of a carefully selected set of new music videos updated weeknights. Our core playlist, entitled VIDEOFLOW, serves as a gateway to new music discovery and features both emerging and popular artists from all around the world. Tune in now to experience a captivating visual journey through the vibrant and eclectic world of indie pop, art pop, indie rock, electropop, and electronica. Join us as we celebrate the power of music videos and the boundless creativity of both the artists and directors responsible for bringing them to life. 

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